I have some distros installed on a BTRFS partitions under different subvolumes ( for distro-hopping, separate ext4 boot). This btrfs partition is now not getting detected on boot, while I can access them after I boot to another distro living in another ext4 partition.

I believe its because I did a tune2fs on this BTRFS partition mistakenly assuming its an ext4 so as to disable journalling.

Using testdisk, it wrongly identified the partition as ext4. But after an incomplete deeper search, it showed up as btrfs correctly. I think this is problem - the partition getting identified as ext4 on a quick breeze. But the boot message is actually saying dev/sda9 not found.

One solution I should try is to fire up fdisk and change the type to BTRFS, but I doubt if I will loose the data.

Is this operation safe? How can I fix the partition for it to get detected as BTRFS at boot?

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