I have a repository installed. I want to update that repository with new rpm files. Can I rerun createrepo command on this repository in order to make my new files available to the servers using that repository?

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You need --update option with createrepo

createrepo --update: Sometimes you have a lot of packages in your repsitory and regenerating the meta data for each package when only a few packages have been added or changed is just too time consuming. This is where --update comes in handy. You run createrepo just like you did before but you pass the --update flag to it. Like this:

  createrepo --update </path/to/repo>  

Now, createrepo will only update the items which have been changed, been added or been removed since the last time the meta data was generated.

Also mentioned in man createrepo


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    Okay, I'm being a bit pedantic here, but you don't need to use --update. Without it, createrepo will create the metadata just fine. But --update will massively speed it up, especially in large repositories. Apr 27, 2014 at 11:05

Yes. After any modification in repo directory, you should run createrepo on it. Of course, clients should run yum clean all before changes are seen.

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