I'm practicing some scripts from a book and I keep getting an unexpected end-of-file syntax error. The images below show the error message and the script that uses basic commands to create a system-information html file. The second set of images show my attempt to comment out the problematic lines and run it.

In the top part I have three functions that use here-documents to generate html tags, I'm using the '<<-' switch to allow me to indent the tags for readability. My issue is that the error I mentioned keeps popping up. If I change it to 'echo' commands it works just fine, the weird part is I have a here-document at the bottom of the script, outside of a function and that works just fine if I comment out the three functions. What I am I doing wrong?

dual terminal view: error message and script file

working shoot of script with commented out functions

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You are indenting the here-document end marker.

For it to be detected as such, the end marker must come at the beginning of a line of its own.

Unindent the end marker and you will likely find that your script works fine (at least as far as that goes).

  • Thank you very much that was the problem. I didn't even realize it, and not only where the markers indented but some even had trailing spaces. Greatly appreciate it Michael. – KnowButton_Mashing Apr 25 '14 at 8:01

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