My host OS is Gentoo, guest OS - Fedora. I have a web server on Fedora on port 8686 and it works perfectly on guest OS, but I can't access it on my host OS. I tried to use bridged network (then I got 2 different IPs to my guest and host machines from router) and NAT (then I forward port 8686). Nothing helped, but SSH works nicely when using both NAT and bridge (even if using the same port). How to solve this issue?

  • You should add the guest OS entry in \etc\hosts file of the host OS. – Ramesh Apr 23 '14 at 17:38
  • Did you check iptables on the guest OS using iptables -nvL? – mtak Apr 23 '14 at 18:59
  • >[...] but I can't access it on my host OS. – Chipster Apr 23 '14 at 19:10
  • Take a look at this Q if you're attempting to use NAT: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12885/… – slm Apr 24 '14 at 0:16
  • @mtak, I disabled iptables on the guest OS – milos Apr 24 '14 at 14:43

If ssh works nicely in both NAT and bridge and on the same port as web-server, then problem is in your web-server configuration.
Check what ip address your web-server binds to. You can check it with netstat utility (you must run it with root privileges):
netstat -nltp

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