I'm not sure if my issue is with linux or vnc or both. I'm running on a system with centos which I'm VNCing into. I want to be able to toggle between windows inside the linux box, but I want alt-tab to still work on my home desktop as well. Previously I fixed this by going into keyboard shortcuts and setting the "move between windows, using a popup window" hotkey to "alt-q", which I've learned to use as my linux toggle key.

This worked fine on my old box, but I just switched over to a new box. I do the same steps, when I'm able to set the shortcut in keyboard shortcuts. However, the shortcut doesn't actually work.

I think that they key stroke "alt+q" is getting through VNC, or else I wouldn't be able to set it in keyboard shortcuts. However, if that's the case I don't know why centos doesn't just work. do I need to restart some service that handles hotkeys to detect the changes?


It turns out this now works. I don't know what I changed, but I had restarted my VNCServer. Perhaps it required a full gnome reboot to detect the change?

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