I'd like to know on which priority software raid works (level 1 if it matters). So I wrote simple systemtap script to do the job, but I'm not sure if I have done it correctly.

[root@asus-ux21e ~]# cat raid.stp 
probe module("raid1").function("*") {
    printf( "name: %s | prio: %d | nice: %d\n", task_execname(task_current()), task_prio(task_current()), task_nice(task_current()));

Could anyone review it, and tell me on which priority software raid works?


Your question doesn't make much sense. You're looking at functions from a particular module, but the location of a function doesn't determine its priority. What determines the priority is the priority of the thread that calls the function.

The kernel runs one kernel thread per RAID-1 volume, with a name like md0_raid1 (ps shows it in brackets, e.g. [md0_raid1], to indicate that this is a kernel thread rather than a thread executing code from a file). You can see its priority with ps:

ps -o pid,pri,comm -C md0_raid1
  263  19 md0_raid1
  • So how can I get the same functionality from SystemTap? The question is more about how to do it in SystemTap, then using ps. But thank you. – Artur Szymczak Apr 22 '14 at 8:05

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