I am trying to set some key bindings for the use inside my wm. so I did xbindkeys -mk and start testing with keys. The result was somehow not what I expected.

Left wind key ===> m:0x50 + c:115 Mod2+Mod4 + Super_L

x ===> Mod2+x

ctrl+left-win+x ===> m:0x54 + c:53 Control+Mod2+Mod4 + x

First was should I put in the xbindkeyrc and second Why I get such outputs?


Well; xbindkeys is supposed to read all the active keys So better first to run xmodmap to find out what are your keys more importantly what are your Mod keys.
In this case Mod2 is the Num-Lock key. which you should remove it from the keybindings when you write the ~/.xbinkeysrc

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