Due to some unfortunate partitioning I ended up with the following layout:

/dev/sda1  (0-120MB)      128MB  (boot)
/dev/sda2  (128MB-500GB)  500GB  (empty)
/dev/sda3  (500GB-1TB)    500GB  (zfs)
/dev/sda4  (1TB-1.1TB)    100GB  (ext4)
/dev/sda5  (1.1TB-end)    100GB  (zfs)

I created a ZFS pool on sda5, moved the files previously residing on sda3 there, added sda3 to the pool and moved the files from sda2 there. I intend to add sda2 as well, move the stuff from sda4 (my current root) and use ZFS as the root.

However, the root ZFS may not consist of multiple vdevs, and once the whole disk can be used by ZFS, it would be more reasonable to just merge the partitions into this layout:

/dev/sda1  (0-128MB)    128MB   (boot)
/dev/sda6  (128MB-end)  1200GB  (zfs)

I have free space at the start in sda2, I could create a new pool, move everything there and then just edit the sda2 partition to reach to the end of the disk.

But does ZFS maybe support this without moving around everything again? Could I just replace my existing partitions with the sda6 one and coax ZFS into finding the root blocks it placed on sda3 and sda5?

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