I recently upgraded an openSUSE 11.3 install to 11.4 by downloading the DVD, burning it, & chosing the upgrade option upon booting to it. I used all the upgrade defaults. Upon coming back up, I added the FreeNX zypper repository & installed the latest FreeNX. Connecting via FreeNX works, but I'm not able to see any window menus on any of my applications. They get stuck to the top left corner of the screen &/or they don't have the window border surrounding the window (as in the top bar that contains the minimize/maximize buttons).

I've verified it's not a user problem because I created a new user & logged in as the user for the first time & it still happened to that user too.

* EDIT *

Client is OS X 10.6.7 using NX Client by NoMachine, ver 3.4.0-8. I should also point out I have other servers running FreeNX that still work fine, none of which are openSUSE 11.4 however. I think it is an openSUSE 11.4 specific problem.

* EDIT 2 *

Desktop environment on openSUSE is Gnome (whatever the standard is for 11.4). Window manager is the default, so I guess Nautilus.

I should point out that it works fine locally & with VNC, so it must be a FreeNX problem...

* EDIT 3 *

This is what I'm seeing:

enter image description here

  • What are you connecting to with FreeNX? (OS, GUI environment, …) – Gilles May 3 '11 at 22:23
  • see edits in original post. – churnd May 4 '11 at 2:03
  • @churnd: Ah, from your original question I thought the client was running on SuSE. What desktop environment or window manager are you running on SuSE then? – Gilles May 4 '11 at 7:18
  • another edit... – churnd May 4 '11 at 10:18
  • An anonymous user mentioned in a suggestion that this is limited to OS X clients – Michael Mrozek May 5 '11 at 17:03

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