How to send a plain txt file in a zip file via email in unix? The contents in the txt file should be word wrap.

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  • These are multiple questions: 1) how to word wrap a text file; 2) how to zip a plain txt file; 3) how to email a zip file as an attachment. What exactly have you tried for each and what is not working? – Anthon Apr 26 '14 at 6:06
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To wrap the text file you can use fold (see fold man page)

For example

fold -w 78 -s input.txt > wrapped.txt

will wrap your text to a maximum width of 78 characters. You can then use zip to compress it

zip wrapped.zip wrapped.txt 

and then send it per email with mail

mail -a wrapped.zip -s "Subject of the mail" recipient@example.com

(not all versions of mail support the -a option)


If your mail don't support -a option, do it with uuencode:

uuencode original_filename attachment_filename | mail -s "subject" recipient@xyz.com

for example (it's working in front of my eyes):

uuenconde ~/.netrc mynetrc.txt | mail -s "test" xyz@xyz.com

and I see the attachment as mynetrc.txt in the mail.

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