When Tails OS boots, you can press tab to modify the startup options. Is there any way I can save an iso with these options already set? It's a real pain to have to press tab and set them up every time. Surely there must be a better way?


Chainload the ISO's bootloader using syslinux, then you can add all the extra parameters you need. Use the actual contents of the syslinux directory in the ISO as a base.

There are many examples online. Check this one.


There's actually another way to do it by remounting the live disk as writable

mount -o remount -w /lib/live/mount/medium

and then editing the live config file corresponding to your architecture (either live.cfg, live486.cfg or liveamd64.cfg) under /lib/live/mount/medium/syslinux
more info here


This path is incorrect for Tails. Actually I believe that the actual config files are here

/lib/live/mount/medium/EFI/BOOT which I have changed live.cfg and live64.cfg and this works. Re-boot and inspect the config file and see your changes.

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