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I have an SSD and therefore no swap. However, when I open a lot of tabs in the browser, the system tends to grind to a halt. If I'm lucky, I can close one or two tabs before the system is completely unresponsive. Is it possible to use the OOM in this case to kill a few browser processes (chromium) to avoid the unresponsiveness? There is still a bit of memory available, but apparently there's still a resource conflict.

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This doesn't directly answer your question about OOM but I've used this technique for a while now where you can enable the "Purge Memory" button within Chrome's Task Manager dialog.


You'll need to modify how Chrome starts by adding this command line switch.

$ chrome --purge-memory-button

Once enabled when you summon the Task Manager dialog using the keyboard shortcut, Shift+Esc, you'll see an extra button which you can tell Chrome to release RAM that is not critical to what contents currently being displayed within your tabs.

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