I want to see manual for chef with command man knife-cookbook. But it looks like manuals are not installed by default install gem install chef.

I found the man page of knife cookbook. http://manned.org/knife-cookbook/061616e2

How can I install these manual pages to my local environments? Normally documents are automatically installed along with software itself. I never installed manual separately.

I'm using OS X 10.9.2.


You can use the -w switch to man to see where man pages are being loaded from on disk.


$ man -w lsof

So you could locate man pages for software that's similar to this and add the man page you want locally on the system to this same directory.

I did also dig this up, titled: Chef Gem Man Pages, which shows man pages being installed via gem instead for chef.

$ sudo gem install gem-man
Successfully installed gem-man-0.2.0
1 gem installed
Installing RDoc documentation for gem-man-0.2.0...
$ gem man chef
View which manual?
 1. chef-indexer(1)
 2. chef-server-webui(1)
 3. chef-server(1)
 4. chef-solr-indexer(1)
 5. chef-solr(1)
 6. chef-client(8)
 7. chef-solo(8)
 8. chef-solr-rebuild(8)
 9. knife(8)
 10. shef(8)
> 9

This looks like a better approach to me if I understand what you want.

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  • Yes, I don't stick with normal man. I could use gem man in CentOS. In OS X gem man chef gives me only No manual entry for chef though, it's ok for me if I know where I can see the manual. – ironsand Apr 10 '14 at 12:05

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