When I use watch to follow a perlpod documentation i am writing, the formatting gets mangeled (see NAME and Synopsis sections):

Every 2,0s: perldoc lib/Uki/Handlers/SOS.pm                                                   Tue Apr  8 10:42:43 2014

Uki::Handlers::SOS(3) User Contributed Perl DocumentationUki::Handlers::SOS(3)

       Uki::Handlers::SOS - Studenten-Handler

S Sy yn no op ps si is s
       SOS-spezifische Spezialisierung des Uki::Handlers::Person-Handlers.

I think this is due to nroff thinking the output terminal is not a TTY, but I don't know how to tell it that, infact, it is a TTY.


You are right, your issue is the rendering of the beautification done by nroff/groff.

To avoid this beautification, bypass nroff/groff and output your pod documentation into text with pod2text (this is a part of Perl distrib, so you should have it):

watch "pod2text <your_perl_withpod_file>"
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  • Yeah, that works, but I lose the formatting information, which I'd like to preserve. – sschober Apr 8 '14 at 11:43
  • You are only losing the bold characters. The pod formatting is all there otherwise. – Ouki Apr 8 '14 at 12:13

"but I lose the formatting information, which I'd like to preserve."

It isn't that it thinks you aren't on a tty, it's that it thinks you are on a really old tty which does overstrike tricks through grotty, the back-end processor of groff. From the man page:

Use the -c switch to revert to the old behaviour, printing a bold character c with the sequence 'c BACKSPACE c' and an italic character c by the sequence '_ BACKSPACE c'. At the same time, color output is disabled. The same effect can be achieved by setting either the GROFF_NO_SGR environment variable or using the 'sgr' X command (see below).

The problem is that you don't want -c or GROFF_NO_SGR set but for some reason it thinks one or both of them is.

Check your environment for GROFF*, and the TERM variable for sane values.

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  • I'm using urxvt-unicode Verison 9.19-1 on an up-to-date archlinux. My environment has no settings concerning GROFF*. My TERM Variable is TERM=rxvt-unicode-256color, but it makes no difference when I set this to xterm (or switch to xterm completely). – sschober Apr 9 '14 at 8:39

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