I am implementing Oracle RAC using 11.2. For shared disc option and low cost, we are planning to use Virtual Machines. I have installed one virtual machine (PARENT).

Specifications: - Oracle Linux 5.8 (64 bit) - RAM 16GB - HDD 90GB - CPU 1

After installing VM, I tried to install another VM (CHILD) using Oracle Virtual Box.

Specification for CHILD vm - Oracle Linux 5.8 (32 bit) [ as Oracle VM doesnt give a 64 bit option while installing Child virtual machine] - RAM 2GB - HDD 50GB - CPU 1

Its giving error

Starting udev:................................[Failed]


  1. What is the possible reason?

  2. I want to use Oracle RAC using Linux 5.8. We have don't have other option than Linux. What is the procedure that I need to follow?

  3. When I am installing Oracle VM Box on 64 bit machine, the option for 64 bit child machine is not available at the time of creating virtual machine. Why?

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    it will fail, the virtualized hardware will not be able to work because the drivers are not meant to work that way. I already see the question here – Kiwy Apr 8 '14 at 7:46
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    see for example serverfault.com/a/47028/131555 – Kiwy Apr 8 '14 at 7:49
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    @Kiwy VirtualBox does not appear to support nested virtualization, but both KVM and XEN do support nested virtualization to and extent. – StrongBad Apr 8 '14 at 10:56

There has been a feature request on the official Virtual Box site. You can follow the discussion there and see when it will (or if) it will be included.

I did read somewhere the vmware, workstation 8 includes this feature, but I have not verified or tested it.

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