I'm using Debian Wheezy, with Gnome 3 and Nautilus and I was wondering if there was any way to limit the Trash to a certain total size or at least file age.

I'm in need of this as I usually handle many GB file sizes and trashing them makes them still use the whole space. Directly removing them could be an option but I would lose the ability to recover them (something I usually need for one or two days).

I also guess I could write a cron job to remove files from the Trash based on whatever criteria I want using the find command but I was hoping for a more 2014 solution.

Any input would be appreciated.


If you use KDE, you can adjust trash's size with dolphin file manager:

  • Dolphin > Settings > Configure Dolphin > File management > Trash
  • Set limit to maximum size
  • Apply
  • Thanks but sorry, I'm using Gnome and Nautilus. I've updated the question to reflect this – Mosty Mostacho Apr 8 '14 at 5:48

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