I cannot seem to get the --exclude-from= option to work with my exclude GLOB file when synchronizing with my s3 bucket. Here is a trivial example to demonstrate:

I create the following file tree under my /home/user:


The contents of my exclude-list.txt:


Then I use the following s3cmd command, called under /home/user:

[lucas@lucas-ThinkPad-W520]~$ s3cmd sync --exclude-from=syncTest/exclude-list.txt syncTest s3://my.bucket/lucas/

but my excludeTest directory is not excluded:

[lucas@lucas-ThinkPad-W520]~$ s3cmd ls s3://lucas.backup/lucas/syncTest/
                   DIR   s3://lucas.backup/lucas/syncTest/excludeTest/
                   DIR   s3://lucas.backup/lucas/syncTest/includeTest/
2014-04-06 12:18        21   s3://lucas.backup/lucas/syncTest/exclude-list.txt

I also tried using the following contents for my exclude-list.txt file:


But it does not work either.

Any suggestions? In this example, I just want to sync my syncTest folder, but not the excludeTest subfolder, using a file with the --exclude-from=FILE option.

I am trying to follow the same format as rsync's --exclude-from=FILE option, assuming that it is the same, because there is not much help for s3cmd.


Though it is not the best answer, I found something that works by adding the following to my exclude-list.txt file:


I found the answer here:


It is not intuitive, and I think it is a bug. I do not think that rsync has this problem, and it is probably specific to s3cmd. Very annoying!

I am interested in hearing more about this problem.

Are there better options for backing up to S3 using rsync or a similar tool? Is there a better solution than/when using the --exclude-from=FILE option?

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