Having a jessie/sid debian box on kernel 3.13 (had same issue on kernel 3.10) First thing I notices was that k3b didn't find any optical drives.

Then: The optical drives (dvd-writers) are found in the bios (connected on pata - worked sometimes earlier, but I don't know what has been updated since that - quite a lot probably) but

  • dmsesg | grep CD (or grep cd / dvd / DVD) does not show any trace of them
  • wodim -scanbus returns a "Cannot open SCSI driver!"
  • lsmod shows that sr_mod and sd_mod are loaded.

Looking a bit closer in dmesg, I find:

[    0.629414] pata_jmicron 0000:05:00.1: enabling device (0000 -> 0001)
[    0.632751] scsi2 : pata_jmicron
[    0.634988] scsi3 : pata_jmicron
[    0.635060] ata3: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0xbf00 ctl 0xbe00 bmdma 0xbb00 irq 17
[    0.635063] ata4: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0xbd00 ctl 0xbc00 bmdma 0xbb08 irq 17

Where at last the PATA interface seems to be found. Only the optical drives are connected through pata, all hdds on this system are sata.

lsmod | grep sr gives me:

morten@sorbus:~$ lsmod |grep sr
sr_mod                 21898  0 
cdrom                  39232  1 sr_mod
scsi_mod              182938  6 sg,usb_storage,libata,sd_mod,sr_mod,firewire_sbp2

Are there any other modules I should try to load?

  • Is this with a Debian kernel, or one you've built yourself? Do you have the cdrom module loaded? Also, do you have any custom config in /etc/modprobe.d? E.g., maybe something disabling libata.atapi_enabled? Does dmesg show any evidence of your PATA controller?
    – derobert
    Apr 6, 2014 at 17:53
  • This is strange. Usually the installer will configure this for you. How did you do the installation? Apr 6, 2014 at 17:54
  • I am using debian kernel and have done all the upgrades through apt-get upgrade / apt-get dist-upgrade - no customisation of modprobe.d Apr 6, 2014 at 18:52
  • The installation was done quite a long time ago using normal debian installer v 6.x something I think. Apr 6, 2014 at 18:53
  • Thanks for the advice derobert - I added some info in the OP. Apr 6, 2014 at 18:59


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