I am currently using Windows XP with Cisco VPN Client version

I would like to replace Windows XP with Linux, either Red Hat version 5.x or 6.x

My question is, what equivalent VPN software can I install on Linux machine in order to get full compatibility with the same VPN network that the Cisco VPN client uses.

Where can I download Cisco VPN Client version for Linux?

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Note that Cisco VPN Client is end of life software and all support for it will end this July. There does not appear to be a Linux version for 5.x, however the 4.x Linux version can be downloaded here. The Free Software alternative that gives (some?) of the same functionality as Cisco VPN Client is vpnc.

The replacement for the Cisco VPN Client software is Cisco AnyConnect, for which there are download links here. This may be what you need (although I have little knowledge on how the techologies differ). If this is the case, then the Free Software alternative is OpenConnect.


I've had good luck with vpnc. According to this question:

Installing vpnc on CentOS

You can find a package in the EPEL package repository.

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