In Okular,

  1. I add inline notes to a pdf file. I change the default settings for inline notes:

    • from default font "Ubuntu 13" to "Ubuntu 6", and
    • from default opacity 100% to opacity 0%.

    But I have to change the settings for every inline note. I wonder if it is possible to change the settings and save the change for the following inline notes?

  2. Also how can I create a inline note without the box-line boundary?

  3. How can I move a existing inline note to another place?


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Point 1)

Run Okular with no file supplied and select from the menus, (you many need Ctrl+M to show the menus), Settings->Configure Okular then select Annotation - enter image description here

then select Inline Note and click Edit:

enter image description here

Make your changes and Apply them - they should become your defaults. N.B. You can add annotation styles of your own with the Add button.

Point 2) Not as far as I know.

Point 3) To move an annotation, hold down the Ctrl key, move the mouse pointer on it and then start dragging with the left mouse button.

From your question title you may wish to save your annotations for others to see - with recent versions of okular to do this you need to use File->Save As or File->Export As->Document Archive otherwise your annotations are private

Any other questions - Run okular then press F1 for the manual.

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