Does named pipe for instance have it's icon, I have a theme for GTK and when I've create named pipe it give icon from gtk-file.svg file or symlinks that point to that:

  • application-x-empty.svg
  • empty.svg
  • gnome-fs-regular.svg

Is there a place where I can find a list of those types? I can't find them in /usr/share/mime.

I found this 2 links:

but there is no gnome-fs

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Yes, it does have an icon name: inode-fifo. The icon name usually matches the mime type, in this case inode/fifo.
And yes, you cannot find it in the official docs because the specification does not list all possible icon names it only aims to (emphasize mine):

lay out a standard naming scheme for icon creation, as well as providing 
a minimal list of must have icons.

The easy way to determine the icon name for a particular mime type is via gio:

gio info -a standard::icon LOCATION

(on older setups replace gio info with gvfs-info)

mkfifo namedpipe
gvfs-info -a standard::icon namedpipe
uri: file:///home/don/testdir/namedpipe
  standard::icon: inode-fifo, inode-x-generic

So the standard icon name is inode-fifo and the generic name is inode-x-generic. If inode-fifo.png is missing from your icon set then inode-x-generic.png will be used. If that one is missing too, a fallback icon name will be used, e.g. gnome-fs-regular.png.

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