While installing MINIX is was asked how big do want /home to be.

--- Step 5: Select the size of /home ---------------

MINIX will take up 611 MB, without /home.

How big do you want your /home to be in MB (0-1435) ? [287]

After pressing enter

287 MB Ok? [Y]

What's the reason of asking that? Is it possible to change it later on?

I was never asked such a question while install Ubuntu (Linux) and I'm free (guessing) to store as much data in it as I want, limited by the partition size.

Installing on 2 GB virtual drive.


Normal Minix file system partitions can be further divided into up to four subpartitions. According to the install guide, the installer will take the partition you specified earlier and subpartition it into root, /usr, and /home; it's asking you how large you want /home to be.

A comparable Ubuntu example would be if you selected "Specify partitions manually" in the installer and told it to make a new partition mounted at /home. The installer would ask you how big you want that partition to be:

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