I only know the filename but not its exact location. I would like to extract only that file from the archive. And I need to know its location in the archive.

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    unzip -l archive.zip will provide a listing. Use -h or --help on many/most commands for basic usage – bsd Apr 3 '14 at 10:43
  • @bdowning Thanks, and how do I get the path of a specific file from the list? – aneuryzm Apr 3 '14 at 10:44

unzip accepts wildcards and globs. If you know the filename, then you could simply say:

unzip archive.zip "**/file_to_extract"

in order to extract the said file.


As a synthesis of both comment and answer, you could proceed like this:

unzip -l archive.zip | grep "nameOfile"
#identify the path of the file precisely in your archive if filtering gives you several result and then use 
 unzip archive.zip ./ham/smoked/nameOfile

This should work


Mount the zip archive as a filesystem with fuse-zip. Then you can access files in it using any command you like.

mkdir foo
fuse-zip foo.zip foo

Then, to copy needle.txt from whichever subdirectory it's in:

find foo -name needle.txt -exec cp -p {} . \;

Or using the shell's recursive globbing (in bash, you need to run shopt -s globstar first; in zsh this works out of the box):

cp -p foo/**/needle.txt .

Unmount the filesystem when you've finished using it.

fusermount -u foo

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