I have a set of old Seagate SATA HDDs that are part of an LVM on Raid setup in a NetGear ReadyNAS. The ReadyNas no longer boots (it hangs on checking FS). I tried reinstalling the OS which did not fix the problem. One piece of advice I have been given is that one of the drives may have failed and that I should check the drive health with the SeaTools program that Seagate provides. Despite being called "SeatTools for DOS" and being an ISO image Seagate says it is only compatible with Windows. I don't believe them and my guess is I could create a bootable CD from it, but my question is, is there a set of Linux tools that will do the job for me? What tests should I run to see if a drive is failing?


You can use Disk Utility application on Linux to run the SMART test, which can provide you the health of the HDD.

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