I can see that it's possible to insert a file into a Docker container via insert:

docker insert IMAGE URL PATH

Is there a way to fetch the contents of a file in a Docker container and save them somewhere on the host operating system? I'd like to extract the value of a configuration file and store it on my host operating system.


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Depends on which version of the docker tool you're using:

  • The current version has an ordinary 'cp' command, according to cp doc v0.6.3:

    Usage: docker cp CONTAINER:PATH HOSTPATH
    Copy files/folders from the containers filesystem to the host
    path. Paths are relative to the root of the filesystem.

  • For older version, you may consider to use 'export' as from export doc v0.5.3:

    Usage: docker export CONTAINER
    Export the contents of a filesystem as a tar archive

(There may also be other options, based on capabilities of your container.)

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