I have just setup Elementary OS. I have two hard drives on my desktop and I can’t access either one of them via file manager. To be precise I have two partitions with data that I need to access; dev/sda4(on a 160GB hard drive) and dev/sdb1(on a 1 TB hard drive). I can see these drives using disk utility and gparted and they show them as unknown drives.

I have searched the internet for this problem and can’t seem to get anywhere. I have found that I may need to run the command “sudo blkid” to find the device UID so I can mount them with fstab. But whenever I run "sudo blkid" , I just get the UIDs of the ext4 partion(where I installed elementary) and the swap partition. I really need to access the data on those NTFS partitions. Is there any way I can mount those drives on Elementary?

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Make sure you have some packages installed:

sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs ntfs-config

If you do have those and it still isn't working, try this as well:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

As far as i know NTFS-read&write is standard installed/enabled on most Ubuntu versions nowadays. For linux-n00bs (like myself) this worked perfectly: How to Mount Partitions Automatically on Start Up in Ubuntu 14.04

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