I saved my iptable settings on a Ubuntu 11.4 system using

iptables-save >filename

I then replaced the Ubuntu system with CentOS 6.5 and tried to restore iptables using

iptables-restore <filename

This resulted in

iptables-restore v1.4.7: Can't set policy 'INPUT' on 'ACCEPT' line 4: Bad bilt-in chain name

Line 4 is as follows.

:INPUT ACCEPT [199972:10416012]

In the past I have been able to restore iptables fron Ubuntu systems onto Debian systems but Debian is more closely related to Ubuntu than is CentOS. With CentOS, would I just need to add the rules manually?


I did

iptables-save >iptables.original

on my CentOS box and saw that the


line was not present in iptables.original. So I commented out the line from the file I saved on Ubuntu and

iptables-restore <filename

no longer gave any error messages. I subsequently did

iptables-restore --list-rules

and the rules look like the ones that I want.

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