I have 3 files in a directory


Where the digits and 11th character will change. In my csh script, I want to extract the letters 'A' and 'X' probably using grep

The variable $study equals MYO144064

What I have managed so far is very cumbersome

ls | grep $study | cut -c 11 | sed 's/\///'

Which gives me


How can I do this with minimal processes and without the additional blank line?

ls | grep -oP "(?<=$study.)[A-Z]$"

will return any uppercase letter that is preceded by the contents of $study plus one arbitrary character (the T in your example) and followed by the end of the line.

The -P option (Perl regular expressions) is needed to be able to use the positive lookbehind expression (?<=...), but might not be available on every system and platform.

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ls | grep $study | grep -o "[AX]$"

returns only the result of 'A' or 'X' as the last character

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  • The 11th character will change, it may be A or X but could easily be M, Y, O or T – moadeep Mar 27 '14 at 13:32
  • then ".$" will always get you the last character – rob Mar 27 '14 at 13:48

A perl solution:

$ perl -nle 'print chop if length == 11' file

Or if you can use bash:

while read var
    [ ${#var} -eq 11 ] && echo ${var:(-1)}
done < file
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