I've just installed CentOS 6.5 in a virtual machine. I know how to install packages with command-line yum but I'm wondering how to do the same from the GUI (KDE).

They apparently did not write documentation for CentOS 6. Docs for previous releases only explain how to choose packages during initial installation. And I cannot find nothing remotely similar to "install applications" or "package manager" in the KDE menu. Google only returns results on how to install CentOS itself.

What's the name of the standard graphical package manager and how can I launch it?


The application binary is called gpk-application. It comes in the gnome-packagekit package:

# yum install gnome-packagekit gnome-packagekit-extra

You apparently need to run it as non-privileged user. It does not seem to create menu entries in KDE so:

$ gpk-application &

The forum post where I got this info claims that it's bundled in the "Graphical Administration Tools" group and KDE creates a menu item under "Applications → Administration → Add/Remove Software". It wasn't the case for me.

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