Given a default Ubuntu installation, I get the following

myusername@EARTH:~$ sudo bash
root@EARTH:~# net rpc rights grant myusername SePrintOperatorPrivilege
Enter root's password:
Failed to grant privileges for myusername (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)

Is there any workaround or do I really have to resort to unlocking the root account and setting its password?

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I think the command you typed is using the old syntax. This is working for me on a 4.3.9:

$ sudo net sam rights grant 'COMPUTER_NAME\myusername' SeDiskOperatorPrivilege

If Linux computer host name is "SERVER" & username is "testuser", then:

$ sudo net sam rights grant 'SERVER\testuser' SeDiskOperatorPrivilege

cf, this mail thread.


Most probably this happens when using deprecated security = share.

security = user
map to guest = bad user

should fix the problem

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