I have wrapping turned on in vim, but is it possible to disable it for certain regions in the file I'm editing? To be specific, I'm editing LaTeX files, I would like the contents of some environments (tabular for example) not to be wrapped, since this would make the table contents much easier to read.

A solution based on automatically detecting such environments based on their opening/closing tags would be the best of course, but I'm not against a solution needing some explicit tags or commands in a comment in the file.

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    If you can't find any other solution, map :set wrap and :set nowrap to alt F-keys so you can quickly toggle. – goldilocks Mar 26 '14 at 13:27

If you can identify the table regions through a particular syntax group, my OnSyntaxChange plugin can help.

Alternatively, you can transparently edit the table parts in a separate buffer with the NrrwRgn - A Narrow Region Plugin similar to Emacs plugin.

Or, as the 'wrap' option is window-local, just open a :split window of the same buffer with an inverted option value there.

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