I successful set up my Server with froxlor, etc. but now I get errros with my mail delivery Agent because I use a '#' in my mysql-pw. I tried to escape it with a '\' but it doens't seem to work. :(

How can I change the /etc/dovecot/covecot-sql.conf.ext to make it working with my password with the special character (lets take as example pw "test#this)?

Mycurrent config:

driver = mysql
connect = host= dbname=froxlor user=froxlor password=test#test
default_pass_scheme = CRYPT

This is the error message:

dovecot: auth: Warning: Configuration file /etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf.ext line 2: Ambiguous '#' character in line, treating it as comment. Add a space before it to remove this warning.

Dovecot wiki

# Use "host= ... pass=foo#bar" if your password has '#' character

so your /etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf.ext should be

driver = mysql
connect = "host= dbname=froxlor user=froxlor password=test#test"
default_pass_scheme = CRYPT
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