I switched from bash to fish shell. I liked it and decided to use it on my servers also. How can I start tmux automatically on ssh connection? I followed this instruction for bash but fish shell is different and this recipe doesn't work without cardinal rewriting.


I rewrote script. The most tricky part was to disconnect from ssh by exiting from fish as exit inside ./.config/fish/config.fish didn't work.

It starts tmux only if parent of the fish is ssh.

Here is part of my ./.config/fish/config.fish file:

if status --is-login
    set PPID (echo (ps --pid %self -o ppid --no-headers) | xargs)
    if ps --pid $PPID | grep ssh
        tmux has-session -t remote; and tmux attach-session -t remote; or tmux new-session -s remote; and kill %self
        echo "tmux failed to start; using plain fish shell"

More readable version can be found in my other question (thanks to ridiculous-fish, author of fish shell): How to use booleans in fish shell?


Byobu, a terminal multiplexer, based on tmux, offers an autostart feature.

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