I am installing centOS 6.5 for i386 using Minimal installation. I boot up computer with the disk and choose

install or upgrade an existing system

Everything proceeds without any errors but it ends with a white, hollow (cursor) arrow on a black background and doesn't go any further. I can move the arrow around with my mouse but I left the computer for over an hour and, when I come back, it's the same thing. Just a white, hollow arrow on a black background.

The first time I ran it through, I selected the (default) option to check the hardware for suitability. It ran and said that the hardware was fine but ejected the disk. I read that this was a type of bug so I rebooted again, followed the same procedure as before and chose continue w/o checking the hardware. The installation seemed to be running fine but ended with the white arrow on the black background and did not go any further.

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I solved this problem by rebooting and choosing the second option: "Install system with basic video driver".

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