I want to install FreeBSD to run a squid cache server on it. I want to know how can I can make this installation as small as possible?

I installed the boot-only ISO file on virtual box, but it took around 600 megabytes. By the way it is an old machine so I want it work in this minimum size.

Is there any script to download just the needed files and which file system is the best for squid cache holding partition?

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You are right, even with minimal installation, the current FreeBSD requires a minimum of 600 MB, especially if you go for a amd64 release.

There is still some options left:

  1. Installing a NanoBSD

    This is a way of generating a bare-minimal system image from a living one.

    You will choose exactly what to keep, but this is no ordinary click-type installation. Here is the procedure to build a NanoBSD (this is still up-to-date).

  2. Using a specialized system (pfSense, ...)

    There are some specialized FreeBSD based systems which are more or less able to run a squid for caching (in fact they are also based on a NanoBSD). Here are some examples:

  3. Using an "old" 7.x or 8.x (i386) release

    As a last option, installing an "old" 7.3 (i386) with everything to minimal took 270 MB.

    If you don't care about having a 64 bits system and having regular security updates, this old system might be enough for your needs.

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