I wrote a program like dropbox seen in pic. I want to add the icon as that of dropbox. How could I do that?

How to automatically do that?

enter image description here

  • I have no gnome insterface available right now but did something like this before: right lick on the menu bar, add a command line execution (not sure about the name). you will have a pop-up where you choose the application to run (command line and parameters) and where you can choose the icon.
    – Laurent C.
    Commented Mar 21, 2014 at 8:56

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This looks like Gnome panel's system tray, so I think you want your application to provide a system tray icon ?

System trays are not specific to Gnome. As a general rule, applications provide an icon by following the System Tray Protocol Specification. There are many libraries to help you do that. GTK and Qt provide methods to create an icon, for instance in Qt, the QSystemTrayIcon class.


If you are using gnome panel then you can add any application in there. All you have to do is alt+Right Click in top gnome panel. Click Add to panel and then select Custom Application Launcher and add your application.

enter image description here


I have found this doc I made once:

Right click on the task bar and select « Add to Panel... ». Then select « Custom Application Launcher » and click on « Add ».

Enter the informations:

Type: Application

Name: application name

Command: the command to start your application

Comment: any comment

enter image description here

PS: in my comment I said you can choose the icon but it seems not, sorry :/

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