I require Compiz for organizational reasons; I make heavy use of its window sorting features. But I like light-weight environments so that I can give as much of my system's resources to the applications as possible.

Is there a DE that plays nice with Compiz, but is still very light?


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I'm running Compiz standalone right now. Works just fine. I followed the instructions on the Arch Linux Compiz wiki page; see especially the section As a Standalone Window Manager.


Do you actually require a DE at all? I've run Compiz without one before, there's no real reason it would require one, and that's about as light-weight as you can get

  • Hmm... I never thought about that. Just compiz and a dock would be perfectly adequate for me! edit: well, so long as I can have a functioning tray on my dock for wireless control and whatnot.
    – Garrett
    Aug 24, 2010 at 20:29

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