How can I list which applets are loaded on my gnome-panel?

What gnome-panel do I have? I use the Ubuntu “gnome-panel” package and I’m not entirely sure what that means (version 3.4.1; ldd shows it depends on gtk3).

So far I’ve found that gconf-editor shows me some entries under /apps/panel3-applets E.g. object_0_3. It seems that those have something to do with the applets running and their configuration, but a) I have only five entries there (not enough) and b) they don’t reveal which files/packages those entries originate from.

With gsettings list-recursively I found an interesting entry:

org.gnome.gnome-panel.layout object-id-list ['menu-bar', 'clock', 'notification-area', 'user-menu', 'object-0-0', 'object-0-1', 'object-0-2', 'object-0-3', 'object-0-4', 'object-0-5']

It lists the objects I found in gconf-editor and some more. But here I don’t even see configuration entries or anything better.

From an applet I added myself I can say that the applet-chooser seems to be based on files found in /usr/share/gnome-panel/4.0/applets/, which contain a line telling the shared library to load by the panel (I guess). – But after adding, where does the gnome-panel store which applets to load the next time??


This is stored in

You can see the settings with
    dconf dump /

Note: I figured this out by running

    find $HOME -mmin '-20' -exec ls -ld {} \; > /tmp/before
before and after adding an applet and diffing the results

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