I want to unpack source RPM and apply patches to the upstream source.

What is almost OK for me is

rpm -i mypkg-*.src.rpm
cd ~/rpmbuild
rpmbuild -bp SPECS/mypkg.spec
# frolic in BUILD/mypkg

My problem is that rpm -i always deploys the sources in ~/rpmbuild. And since I want to do it in a middle of automated test (which is running under root), I'd rather do this at least in my own temporary tree.

I have tried --prefix=mypath with RPM, but it seems that RPM ignored that (after hassling me about the path being relative ... nice job ;)).

Other thing that came to my mind was creating a temporary user and su but that's ugly, adds overhead of creating/removing the user and is not non-intrusive anyway.

So what are my other, way better options?


You have to change the topdir value. There are two ways of doing it:

  • Create a ~/.rpmmacros file with the line %_topdir /your/path
  • Invoke rpm (and rpmbuild) with --define "_topdir /your/path"

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