I usually edit my website locally and push it with this command:

lftp -u user,password host -e "mirror -c -e -R -x ^\.git/$ my /my; exit"

But now, my website dynamically appends data to the /my/data file.

I don't have this /my/data file locally.

QUESTION: How to push without deleting /my/data and its content?


  • I could download /my/data and then run the command above, but data added in the few seconds before the download and the upload would get lost.
  • For the other files/folders, local deletion should be mirrored by a remote deletion.
  • I don't want to use --only-newer-like operations because clocks might not be adjusted.

Answer given by LFTP's maintainer:

Just exclude the folder using -x ^data/ option.

If you need to upload some local files into that folder, use two mirrors, one without -e option just for my/data folder.

  • How do I skip multiple files and directories?
    – Ikechukwu
    Sep 5 at 12:10
  • @Ikechukwu: I have not tried, but maybe multiple -x arguments? Sep 8 at 13:49

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