-d doesn't work(date: Not a recognized flag: d):

date -d @1141421607

and awk's

awk -vNEXTEXECDATUM="$NEXTEXECDATUM" 'BEGIN { print strftime("%c", NEXTEXECDATUM); exit }'

doesn't work: "awk: 0602-553 Function strftime is not defined."

My question: how can I convert unix time from variable to normal time in AIX?

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    Probably the easiest way: install GNU coreutils and just use the GNU date then ... – maxschlepzig Mar 12 '14 at 21:16

AIX comes with Perl, so use that for your requirement.

perl -le 'print scalar localtime(shift)' 1141421607
Fri Mar  3 16:33:27 2006
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