I found two ways to change the TTY font:

  1. dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

  2. editing /etc/default/console-setup

Either way I'm limited to the fonts in /usr/share/consolefonts (I'm using Debian).

  • How do I install new console fonts?
  • What are the requirements for this kind of font?
  • ... in particular: would it be possible to use Anonymous Pro as console font?

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Installing FbTerm was what I went with to get nice fonts in my CLI environment. It's a frame buffer terminal emulator (so no need for X org) that supports nice rendering of the same kinds of fonts you would use in a GUI.


The PSF in the name of the files in /etc/share/consolefonts comes from PC Screen Fonts. Those are fixed width fonts that can be generated from bitmaps using psftools, font2psf or nafe.

You can try if fontforge can convert your Anymous Pro, if not you could render all characters of that font at res 8x16 on an image and cut the individual characters out of that in a format psftools etc. understands.

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