Another (hobbiest) sys admin on they same system as me, pointed out that there is 30Gb of unallocated space on the system. I have need of that space to create a new partition. (I'm going to make a fast scratch for HPC) Unfortunatly he never told me which of the many many devices on the system it was on. I think it might be on a pair of raided disks.

How can I find what unpartioned space exists on a system, accross all of its disks? I can do it one dist at a time with parted. (by cycling though each device using select /dev/sda , then print free) but that will take a while with the many disks and is a inelegant solution.


How about something like:

for disk in /dev/sd[a-z]; do
  parted $disk print free |
  grep -q "Free Space" && echo "unallocated space on $disk"

You might need to adjust the path /dev/sd[a-z] to fit your needs.

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