I'm using wget to download some log files from a remote server. Is it possible to use wget to target files using date ranges (based on the last modified file header) ? For example:

wget --after-date=03112014 http://foo/bar
  • Did you check the manual page man wget ?
    – X Tian
    Mar 11 '14 at 14:34
  • Well, I found some interesting info about mirroring and timestamping. But, what I want is targetting by date.
    – Dan
    Mar 11 '14 at 14:36
  • I think it's not possible, see the mailing list: Timestamping but ignore files older than?
    – kenorb
    Oct 25 '15 at 14:27

curl has an option,

From the manual page !


(HTTP/FTP) Request a file that has been modified later than the given time and date, or one that has been modified before that time. The date expression can be all sorts of date strings or if it doesn't match any internal ones, it tries to get the time from a given file name instead! See the curl_getdate(3) man pages for date expression details.

Start the date expression with a dash (-) to make it request for a document that is older than the given date/time, default is a
document that is newer than the specified date/time.

If this option is used several times, the last one will be used.

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