If a directory contains an album encoded as one large .wv file and a .cue file, splitting the entire album into individual .flac tracks is a simple task:

$ cuebreakpoints foo.cue | shnsplit -o flac foo.wv

What I'd like to know is how to split a file where the names don't match up, e.g.: 'foobar.wv' and 'foo.cue'. If I attempt this I get this error message:

shnsplit: warning: none of the builtin format modules handle input file: [foobar.wv]
shnsplit: error: cannot continue due to error(s) shown above

Do I need to alter the .cue file? Because simply renaming 'foobar.wv' to 'foo.wv' prior to splitting doesn't seem to work for me. Or is there something wrong with the wavpack package?

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Some more info

To be clear, I should point out that the text inside the .cue files points to the appropriate .wv files.

Yet more info

I'm having a bit of luck, for whatever reason, by decompressing the .wv to .wav and then altering the .cue file accordingly.

Not ideal but it's working so far.

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Make sure that the FILE line in the cue file points to the correct name. In your case it should read:

FILE "foobar.wv" WAVE

Then renaming foo.cue to foobar.cue should do the trick.

Another option is to recreate the cue sheet from the original wv file (provided the info is there):

$ wvunpack -c foobar.wv > foobar.cue

then split as usual.


The .cue file has a section within it, FILE that points to the wavpack file, .wv:

$ grep FILE cdimage.wv.cue
FILE "cdimage.wv" WAVE

Incidentally, you can do all this directly with just shnsplit. This CLI is part of the package shntools on Debian/Ubuntu.

$ shnsplit -f cdimage.wv.cue -o flac -t '%n - %p - %t' cdimage.wv

This will produce files with the track number (%n), artist's name (%p), & track name (%t).

From man shnsplit:

      -t fmt Name  output files in user‐specified format based on CUE 
         sheet fields.  The following format‐ting strings are recognized:

              %p     Performer
              %a     Album
              %t     Track title
              %n     Track number



Maybe you don't have wavpack installed. So try installing that first, then go:

$ cuebreakpoints foo.cue | shnsplit -o flac foo.wv

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