I just bought a E350M1 mainboard with onboard AMD Radeon 6310 Graphics Card.

I did (I think I did) the UEFI-Bios trick:

CSM activated 

and plugged-in a usb-stick with an Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop i386 (made with lili Live USB Creator).

Unfortunately I got a screen like this:

freeze screen on mini-itx-board

I cant see a menu, I am only able to reboot via Ctrl+Alt+Del

I have no hd/cd/dvd/br/floppy only usb.

Any ideas?

  • My fault: the Lines on Top/Bottom seems to be part of the UEFI-Menu. Anyway, the system freeze. – Peter Rader Mar 7 '14 at 19:08

Linux Mint 16 works.

Unfortunately I need to wait for release of other distributions.

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