I used to use TigerVNC to connect to a Mac MINI running Mountain Lion from my laptop running Fedora Core 18. After upgrading the Mac to Maverick, I now get the error "No Matching Security Types"

I've tried every setting I can change through the GUI with the same result. I have also tried using other free VNC viewers, and still have had no luck.

I know for a fact that Screen Sharing is working, I am able to connect using another Mac.

Is there a way to do this without having to purchase a VNC viewer like RealVNC that I don't know will work?

The other viewers I tried are:

  • remmina (only appears to have SSH or SFTP as protocol options)
  • NoMachine (only has SSH and NX as options)
  • I downloaded gtkvncviewer but it doesn't appear to actually do anything and give no error report

Vinagre appears to work well enough.


You invoke it from the command line like so:

$ vinagre

There is also a applet that should be available when you install it so that you can just pick machines that you've bookmarked with it form a pulldown when you add the applet to your toolbar.

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    I had problems getting vinagre to work with a password length of over 8 characters. – Roger Filmyer Sep 11 '14 at 2:04

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