As you know CentOS is taken over by RedHat, so i boils out couple of points as mentioned here.

  • Will CentOS remain complete free as it was(is) before(now)?
  • Can we expect upgrades of CentOS in future, as and when RHEL new version is released.?
  • Will RHEL make it enterprise version?

What are the organizations that provide commercial support for CentOS? Redhat has said they are not going to provide commercial support for CentOS.

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ZDnet reports that CentOS will remain free:

If your company is already using CentOS... Do Not Freak Out. Red Hat is not going to start charging you for using CentOS. CentOS will continue to be an independent distribution with community, not paid, support.

Wired reports that the move will allow CentOS the ability to fix bugs in public view without threat of lawsuit from RedHat:

Although several CentOS developers will join the Red Hat payroll, they won’t be part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux team, according to an announcement on the CentOS mailing list. The move is expected to confer several advantages, such as the ability to bring its process for finding and fixing bugs into public view without fear of legal reprisals from Red Hat.

RedHat says that CentOS will still draw on RHEL but will be more flexible ("open to variation"):

CentOS, a community-supported and produced Linux distribution that draws on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other open source technologies to provide a platform that's open to variation. CentOS provides a base for community adoption and integration of open source cloud, storage, network, and infrastructure technologies on a Red Hat-based platform.

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