Since just doing a cronjob every morning, before the router reboots:

ifconfig > "`date`.ifconfig.txt"

isn't very effective, since after ~4 GByte's the counter in the ifconfig will go to zero. So if there was ~5 GByte traffic, only 1 GByte will be in the txt file.

My question: How can I measure daily traffic with OpenWRT 12.04?


Normally you telnet or ssh the router to get the data from ifconfig every minute or so and collect your traffic data. If you use luci then you can read all your statistics on the web interface. Possible is also a solution to get your traffic data by polling via the web interface.

Depending what you need, there is a good info about OpenWRT Statistical Data Overview. I personally like rrdtool. There is also more info RRDTool.

You'll get more info by googling for OpenWrt+RRD

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