I routinely write my notes in markdown in a complex directory structure like this.


This directory structure is ever expanding and each directory has various other files apart from the *.md files. I have a shell script that recursively looks for markdown files in the parent directory doc/ and generates html and pdf files using pandoc. I also create a doc.md file (through the script) which contains a list of all the *.md files. Presently I use,

find ~/doc/**/*.md

to generate this list. I would like to sort them according to the directory structure for easy perusal like this:


If fp=/home/user/doc/linux/tmux/tmux.md is an example full path of a file, then ${${fp%/*.md}#/home/user/doc/} gives me linux/tmux. I can further process it to isolate linux and tmux etc. But I don't know the algorithm to create the directory structure. I think that this will require use of arrays to store the complete directory structure for each file and then sorting it.

If a shell script already exists to to this, please let me know. Otherwise, pointers on possible algorithm are welcome.


If all you are looking to do is produce a nice formatted output of all .md files, tree should do exactly what you want:

tree -P '*.md' /home/user/doc

Add -A for pretty lines, it also does interesting things like output to HTML/XML.

  • I used tree --prune -f -R -P "*.md" -H file:///home/user/doc /home/user/doc -o ~/list.html. Thank you. – devendra Mar 1 '14 at 15:13

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